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Even the most meticulous homeowners have a difficult time keeping their windows clean.  Back in the “old days” they used newspaper to clean windows. That was because the ink used in newspapers was petroleum based so the ink didn’t “bleed” off the page.  Today, most newspapers use soy ink, which runs when it’s wet. So Grandma’s solution, sadly, is no longer an option.

Today, most “do-it-yourself” window washers use paper towels and a commercial product like Windex.  But then you’re left with the lint residue that’s the result of the fiber in the paper towel breaking down.  And, believe it or not, off the shelf cleaning products actually leave their own residue. Let Squeegee Squad clean your windows and you’ll be amazed at the difference!

Residential Window Washing
The hands-down, best way to wash your windows is with a squeegee and a sponge.  Have you tried that yourself? You likely have. Did you leave those frustrating streaks?  You likely did. There’s actually an art to window washing. It takes experience to get a pristinely clean window without those “lines” left behind by the squeegees available in local stores.

Then there’s the problem of the outside of the windows.  Are bushes in the way of easy access to the windows? Do you have a two-story home requiring a really tall ladder?  Is that really how you want to spend your weekend.. Fighting your way through bushes and climbing a ladder 17 feet in the air to get to the upstairs windows?  That doesn’t even take into consideration the physical toll that takes on your body. Unless you’re in prime physical condition with incredible balance, we dissuade you from climbing that ladder and attempting to wash the outside of those windows.  Hiring Squeegee Squad as your window cleaner is much less expensive than the emergency room bill that results from a fall off a ladder!

Give Squeegee Squad a call to take care of all of that for you.  Our residential window washing is performed by hand to ensure a quality clean every time.  No residue. No streaks. And ladder safety skills beyond all others!

We’ll take care of both the outside of the windows and the inside of the windows.

Squeegee Squad caters to residential homeowners and understands the quality and care that is necessary when going inside your home.  We respect your floors, your carpet and your property. For our customers’ peace-of-mind, we are also carry workman's compensation, general liability and we are also bonded.

We use non-toxic chemicals that are safe for your home, your family and the environment.  We don’t use these toxic-free cleaning products to be a “trendy-green company” (although we are one!)  We use them because they truly are safer for your family. The National Research Council reports that children, specifically the developing fetus, are significantly more sensitive to the toxic effects of chemicals than adults.  For more info from the national research council click here. The same holds true for the elderly. As we age, our bodies begin to break down, making us less capable of processing the toxins in our world. So, for the well being of your family, and our environment, we have made the conscious decision to use non-toxic chemicals to clean windows.  That’s just one more way we demonstrate our care for our customers.

Our goal is to provide you with a great window cleaning service and a great experience.

Satisfaction guaranteed!


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