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Driveway Before

This driveway needs to turn away from the DARKSIDE by using the FORCE of pressure washing!

Driveway After

Chris really did an excellent job on this driveway. He had the neighbors stopping and giving him glowing complements!!

Cleaning The Grand Canyon Skywalk!

Here are some of the Squeegee Squad team cleaning the glass on The Grand Canyon Skywalk. 720 feet between them and the ground. Holy Moly!!!!

Scissors Lift Training

Here's the team training on how to safely operate a scissors lift. At Squeegee Squad all of our technicians are certified on the proper use and safetly protocals when it comes to operating a scissors lift.

Watch Your Equipment Like a Hawk!

When in the field you often need to watch your equipment like a hawk... Or, you could simply have a hawk keep an eye on it for you!

Eastern Coral Snake While In The Field

Red and Yellow kill a Fellow. One of the teams came across this Eastern Coral Snake while working at a house. Always pay attention to your surroundings is what we teach our team. You never know when one of North America's deadliest is lurking at your feet. Thankfully they are highly docile.

All are trucks are equipped with venomous snake brochures, Sawyer Venom Extractor kits and animal control numbers. We had an educational seminar with customers and neighbors and turned an encounter into a marketing event on what Squeegee Squad does that absolutely no one else does. As they say in the Boy Scouts... Be Prepared!

Pressure Washing

Uncle Tom Doing Some Pressure Washing.

Use the "Force" of pressure washing and "Turn From the Dark Side" of algae build-up!

The Pressure Washing Force is Strong with Squeegee Squad!

The Squad Nation Safety Training 2017

The entire Squeegee Squad Nation got together in Clearwater, FL for our annual safety training with world renowned safety instructor Stephen Bright. Stephen is one of the founding members of the IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association).

Pool Deck After

Here is a photo of a really bad pool deck we cleaned recently. The results were amazing. See above for the before photo.

Pool Deck Before

Here is a photo of a really bad pool deck we cleaned recently. The results were amazing. See below for the after photo.

Giving Back to The Community at Z88.3

One of the Squeegee Squad team members pressure washing the exterior of Z88.3 Radio Station. The team decided... Let's go clean up Z Radio for FREE!

Clean Windows = Better View of The World Outside!

Our team cleans windows so well that when we're done, you will think they are open.


Scrubbing The Red Roof

Here's Chris scrubbing a red roof / fascia of a shopping center in Orlando. The customer originally hired us to clean the red roof / fascia in preperation to have it re-painted. We did such a great job that the customer cancelled the paint project and saved a significant amount of money in re-paint costs. When you know what you're doing as a pressure washing company you often achieve final results that are simply awesome!

Cleaning Windows Up Close

Here's Joe cleaning a window up close. Work that squeegee Joe! The customers will be able to see the world more clearly.

Pressure Washing the front of a Residential Home

One of the guys out cleaning a high peek on a home. With the right equipment we are able to clean the high spots with our feet on the ground. Minimizing ladder work increases safety and reduces risk of injury to a team member. Safety first at Squeegee Squad.

Cleaning Windows at a Residential Home in Longwood

One of the guys out in the field cleaning a window at a home in Longwood, FL. This glass was pretty dirty but we got'er clean!

Safety 101 - Lifting

When picking up heavy objects like ladders or pressure washers, always bend at the knees with a straight back and lift with your legs. Make every effort not to exert too much strain on your back. Wear a company supplied back brace if needed and/or team lift heavy objects so that the load is supported properly and safely with less risk of injury to you or your co-worker. Remember... injuries cost money!

Where's the Tortoise!

The team was out cleaning windows at a customers home when they stumbled upon a giant Sulcatta Tortoise in the backyard. For some reason 2016 has turned out to be the year of running into exotic animals while working out in the field.

Shout Out To Our Veterans

To all our Veterans, thank you for making America Great! Without your sacrifice this country would not be the country it is... Home of the Free!!! 

Safety 101 - Ladders

Always make sure your ladders are secure to the truck ladder rack after use.

Case in point: I know of a company one time who had an employee who forgot to anchor the ladder to the ladder rack after completing a job. He drove off, took a right turn and the ladder started sliding across the ladder rack. Luckily he noticed, stopped the truck and fixed his mistake before an accident may have occured and someone might have been hurt. Always double check to make sure all equipment is secure from shifting around while the truck is in motion. Improperly secured equipment, like ladders could become flying projectiles that could cause harm to someone and/or damage to our expensive equipment.


Pigmy Rattlesnake

Walking up to the front door and almost stepped on a Pigmy Rattlesnake on the front porch of a customers home. Yikes!!! It always pays to be alert to your surroundings... You just don't know what might be lurking below!

Safety 101 - Pressure Washing

Safety tip!

After placing the tip on the end of the pressure washing wand, always perform a test spray while pointing at soft grassy or dirt ground. This ensures that your tip is nice and secure when attached to the end of a gun.

Case in point: I know of another company that had an employee working for them. The employee had placed his tip on the end of his pressure washing wand and then started cleaning. As soon as he pulled the trigger the tip shot off like a bullet and launched over 100 feet! Luckily he was pointed at some trees.

Imagine this... What if he was pointing the pressure washing wand at a person or a pane of glass? It would have been a costly day at the office. Better safe than sorry.

Windows, Driveways and Bears Oh My!!!

Jason was out doing an estimate in Lake Forest on Thursday 27, 2016 and came across this little critter.

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