About Us: Window Cleaning San Antonio, TX

     Squeegee Squad San Antonio is dedicated to providing the city of San Antonio and surrounding South Texas areas unparalleled service in the Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing and General Cleaning service arenas.
     As a part of an International franchise, Squeegee Squad, San Antonio has adopted the performance goals and visions of our national Squeegee Squad family.  As a result, we are positioned to utilize our combined experiences to better assess our customer’s needs.  Additionally, our dedication to detail provides us specific local knowledge which allows us to better serve our client’s cleaning needs given the various “local” environmental conditions that affect your windows and other areas of your property.
     The driving force behind our success is and has always been Excellence in Customer Service.  We are dedicated to providing our customers the utmost attention to detail and look forward to introducing you to the Squeegee Squad concept of service!

Proudly Servicing: San Antonio TX & Surrounding Areas
Squeegee Squad

5150 Broadway
Box 448
San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone (888) 407-7024