Gutter Cleaning in St. Paul, MN

Keep your gutters clean to avoid costly damages in the future!

We love our trees in Minnesota, but when those leaves fall, it causes an absolute mess in our gutters!  When our gutters are clogged, the excess water can actually damage the structure of the house.  And that leads to really expensive repairs!

When the water in the gutter can’t drain properly it’ll go right into the walls or ceiling of a home.  This causes the wood used to build the house to rot – and the worst part is the homeowner doesn’t even know it until it’s too late!

Or, the water puddles around the foundation, freezes in the winter, expands in its frozen state, seeps into the basement and cracks the foundation.  Another problem in Minnesota winters are those ice dams that form.  Those ice dams push up under the roof shingles, destroying the wood and causing leaks into the home.

Just as often, the weight of a gutter cluttered with wet leaves and debris gets so heavy the gutters break away from the house.  Best-case scenario, you have to replace the gutters.  Worst-case scenario, the gutters break a window or light fixture as it falls.   

Conversely, clean gutters save us from all of these potential problems, and expenses.


Let the pros handle your gutter cleaning needs.

You could clean the gutters yourself.  But do you really want to?  And if you want to, do you have a gutter-friendly ladder?  The kind that doesn’t rest on the gutter when you’re cleaning it out?  Have you ever smelled the wet gunk that’s in your gutters?  (If you do decide to do it yourself, wear a mask!)  And how are you going to dispose of that stinking gunk when you get it out of your gutter?  You’ll need to take it to a dump.  Most waste removal services do not accept this type of trash.

We perform our gutter cleaning service by hand to ensure your gutters are clear and working properly. Our gutter-friendly ladders do not rest on the gutters or risk damaging them. Downspouts are checked and cleared as needed. As always, we guarantee the gutters will be cleared of any debris or we will return promptly to re-clean them for you.  And you don’t even need to be home when we provide the service!

You have now made friends with Minneapolis's top gutter cleaning professionals! Give yourself a break and let you neighborhood Squeegee Squad do all the dirty work. 

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