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Proudly Servicing: NW Metro & St. Cloud, Rogers, St. Michael, Monticello, Buffalo, Elk River, Big Lake & Surrounding.

Our locally owned and operated Squeegee Squad NW Metro & St. Cloud has proudly been your neighborhood window cleaner in NW Metro & St. Cloud since 1999.

Thousands of customers have come to trust our relationship approach to providing a great window cleaning experience.

Our St. Cloud based company was built on a solid foundation and will continue to grow and serve NW Metro & St. Cloud for years to come.

Please contact us for a free estimate on Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Chandelier Cleaning and more!

Our Services

Residential Window Cleaning

Residential window washing is performed by hand to ensure a quality clean every time. Satisfaction guaranteed! Squeegee Squad NW Metro & St. Cloud caters to residential homeowners and understands the quality and care that is necessary when going inside your home.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Building Owners, property managers, and janitorial companies have all appreciated Squeegee Squad’s customer service oriented approach inside reputable commercial window cleaning properties.

High Rise Window Cleaning

Squeegee Squad NW Metro & St. Cloud is dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of safety standards, staff training, and follow up ongoing training for your high rise window cleaning needs. Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise owners undergo training to become competent in practical rigging, fall protection, rope access, inspections, and high-rise services.

Pressure Washing/Soft Washing

We clean siding, decks, roofs, sidewalks, driveways and more. Our pressure washing service is a quick and easy way to clean exterior surfaces.

Gutter Cleaning

We perform our gutter cleaning service by hand to ensure a quality clean every time. Our gutter-friendly ladders do not rest on the gutters or risk damaging them. Downspouts are checked and cleared as needed.

Light Fixture Cleaning

Our window cleaning crew members will access your fixtures with custom tools and buff out those dusty fixtures with mild soap and water and restore that fresh shine to each fixture.

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We Take Pride In Our Work!

We treat every job as if we are fighting for our next. As a family owned business we have always believed that hard work beats skill and when you bring the two together you can’t be beat. With your NW Metro & St. Cloud window cleaning and pressure washing team there is no cutting corners. We are sure to always arrive on time and complete the job and in an efficient and proper manner.

Window Cleaning Its All About The Details!

Window cleaning and washing is an extremely detail oriented job. We are sure to never leave drips or streaks. Our window cleaning and washing equipment is always new or in excellent condition to be sure we never scratch your glass. In some cases we may have to move your outdoor decorations or furniture. We make sure to take a picture prior to moving it to guarantee its put back just as it was before.

Your Neighborhood Window Cleaning Business!

We are local to NW Metro & St. Cloud as well. We are your community window cleaning and pressure washing team you can count on!

Zip Codes Served

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