Equipment & Knowledge is Key for Avoiding Scratched Windows

Hiring an Untrained Window Cleaner is Risky

Most homeowners and building managers are unaware of certain risks when choosing a window cleaning company. Many uninformed window cleaners are not aware of industry conflicts and legal issues between window cleaning companies and glass manufacturers.  These conflicts stem from scratched glass issues that arise after the window cleaning has been performed.  When windows become scratched, it’s already too late.  Typically, window replacement is the only fix.

Poor Manufacturing = Defects on Glass

In the good old days, window manufacturers recommended using tools like razor blades.  Razors are a standard tool and are necessary to remove paint, grime, rocket spores, stain, construction debris, stickers, decor, etc.  Since the 1990’s regulations require buildings to have tempered or heat treated windows in certain locations.  Window and glass manufacturers have since struggled to create windows that can still be cleaned using standard window cleaning tools.

The problem lies in the manufacturing process when glass tempering companies are unable to effectively wash their glass prior to sending the pre-cut sheets into the tempering furnace.  This quality control problem results in microscopic blemishes (glass dust) embedded on the surface.  This has become a significant problem since the 1990’s when homes started becoming infected with this defective tempered glass.  When cleaning glass with standard tools like razor blades, scratches can occur due to these defects becoming dislodged and being dragged across the window between the tool and the glass.  Razors do not scratch the glass however, the blemishes scratch the glass.  When seen under a microscope, these scratches and blemishes can appear like comets with the head being the original blemish site, and the tail being the scratch.

Window Cleaners Face Challenge

As time has progressed, scratched glass conflicts have come up all over the country.  Window Cleaners tend to receive the blame because they are the last one to touch the glass.  Builders, window suppliers, and glass manufacturers all like to point the finger at window cleaners.  In the good old days, window suppliers would recommend the use of tools like razor blades.  Now they prohibit them in their care and cleaning manuals.

Window Cleaning Equipment

Using the correct window cleaning supplies is now very important.  Squeegee Squad Window Cleaners get their supplies from professional window cleaning equipment dealers like the Harry Falk Company.

The Squeegee Squad Solution to Today’s Scratched Glass Risks

Squeegee Squad Window Cleaners are all trained and versed in these glass industry issues. They understand how to recognize window types and know the associated risks of using certain types of window cleaning equipment on them.

Window cleaners need to pay attention to whether the glass is tempered, heat-treated, or annealed.  It is also very important to test whether glass panels have exposed reflective coatings and aftermarket tint film applications.  Each situation requires knowledge, training, and proper tool use to avoid potential damage.

Windows can already be damaged with paint, stain, and hard weathering prior to cleaning.  In these cases, Squeegee Squad Window Cleaners can propose non-routine window cleaning and restoration options while explaining the risks before attempting to clean your windows.

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