Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning in Orlando Prepares for all Hazards

Squeegee Squad Culture of Safety Shines With Orlando Residential Window Cleaning Crew

It was an unlikely hazard that the Squeegee Squad residential window cleaning crew in Orlando encountered.  A crew member came across an eastern coral snake while working outside at a house.  According to Jason Zapp, the Orlando Squeegee Squad franchise owner: “red and yellow, kill a fellow.”  Although the snake is docile in nature, it is deadly and should not be provoked.

Eastern Coral Snake Snapshot from Squeegee Squad Orlando Window Cleaning Job-site

In line with the Squeegee Squad culture of safety, Jason tells his crew members to “always pay attention to your surroundings.  You never know when one of North America’s deadliest is lurking at your feet.”

Jason further commented, “All of our trucks are equipped with venomous snake brochures, Sawyer Venom Extractor kits, and animal control numbers.  We had an educational seminar with customers and neighbors and turned an encounter into a marketing event on what Squeegee Squad does that absolutely no one else does to keep our team educated and safe.  As they say in the Boy Scouts…  Be Prepared!”

Great Job Jason!  Keep up the good work.  You represent the Squeegee Squad brand well!

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Interested in starting your own Squeegee Squad Franchise?  Contact JoeR@SqueegeeSquad.com for more information or dial 1-833-My-Squad (697-7823).

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