Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are intended to collect water from your roof and channel it away from the foundation of your house. Water near the foundation of a home can cause cracks and flooding. Gutter cleaning is a necessary chore to avoid potential problems in your home.

When gutters are clogged with debris from trees and vegetation, they cannot handle the amount of water that accumulates on your roof during a rainfall. This will cause the gutters to overflow, and water to fall near the foundation of your home. This can be avoided by frequently cleaning your gutters.

Squeegee Squad will hand clean your gutters and flush your downspouts to ensure they are clear. Our gutter friendly ladders will rest the weight of the ladder on the roof, not on the gutters, preventing potential dents or other damage to the gutters. Squeegee Squad will bag and haul away the debris.

As with all of our services, a free estimate is only a phone call away. Call your local Squeegee Squad franchise to request a free gutter cleaning quote today!

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