Soft Washing, Pressure Washing

Dirt, mold, mildew, cob-webs and other organic stains are an unsightly addition to your home, driveway or patio. Squeegee Squad can renew the appearance of these surfaces. The correct training and use of low-pressure nozzles help to prevent damage to more delicate surfaces such as stucco and painted surfaces.

Some locations also offer the option of soft-washing to clean mold and algae off of your roof, concrete, house, and more. Soft-washing uses environmentally friendly cleaners to not only clean your stains but also keep your surfaces cleaner for longer. The application continues to clean your surfaces every time it rains. Ask your local Squad for more details.

Rust, efflorescence, and leaching can be very difficult to clean. We can use environmentally friendly cleaners to effectively remove rust and other stains upon request. Using the proper pressure washing techniques along with the proper application of solution allows us to clean a wide variety of organic & chemical stains.

I Need Pressure Washing Services!